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Violin School of Gothenburg is a private music school that offers lessons in violin and is open to all ages and levels.
Violin School of Gothenburg aims to deliver high quality musical education where students have the possibility to have individual violin lessons which also include note reading, music theory, ear training and ergonomics. All these aspects are necessary to develop as a musician.

Göteborgs Fiolskola

Learn to play the violin

Learning to play the violin is a musical journey that requires commitment, passion for music, patience, perseverance, love for the instrument and practice.
Practice is the main key to progress. Regular and focused practice helps you bond with the instrument, improve technique, build muscle memory, develop as a violinist.

Göteborgs Fiolskola | Noter
Göteborgs Fiolskola | Orkesterbild


For Nedjmija, the joy of seeing students’ progress is as much a driving force as the love of music.

She is a true motivator, she is passionate about music and she knows how to bring that motivation and passion even to young children.
She is very careful and sees what the child needs, she knows when to move on and when to stop so the child doesn’t get tired or stressed. My sons think that the violin lessons are fun and they are practicing because it is fun to go to the next lesson and to learn something new.

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