Göteborgs Fiolskola

About the violin school

Your musical journey starts here. You earn more than knowledge in music. You will receive advanced musical and disciplinary training, opportunities to perform in concerts, and professional experiences. You will be working with a highly dedicated teacher & experienced professional musician who has experience working with children and adults at all levels, a trusted and highly recommended teacher by students’ parents.

Göteborgs Fiolskola is a private music school that offers lessons in violin and is open to all ages and levels.

Violin School of Gothenburg aims to deliver high quality musical education where students have the possibility to have individual violin lessons which also include note reading, music theory, ear training and ergonomics. All these aspects are necessary to develop as a musician.

We aim to search for the best sound to produce and develop it, we focus on musicality, violin technique, intonation, rhythm, to be able to connect with the instrument and musically express yourself.

Göteborgs Fiolskola is the first established violin school in Gothenburg and follows the general music education system where everyone who wants to get real music education whether to become a professional or to have it as a hobby is warmly welcome!

The lessons have a safe and warm atmosphere, filled with motivation and passion for music, our goal is that you always leave with a smile after your lesson.

We work in a rather pedagogical and flexible way where the lessons are based on the student’s needs and interest, we focus on well-being and development but not only as musicians but also as human beings.
Children are particularly unique with lots of positive energy and interest in learning new things in this world, exploring new things every day. We want to keep that energy and help them share it with their music because children have the most beautiful music within them that should be carefully nurtured and guided. Lessons with children are always fun and are always adapted to how they are feeling that day.

Göteborgs Fiolskola offers different courses and the lessons are specially designed according to the student’s needs and goals as each student is unique, each student has different plans and each student needs different approaches.

Welcome to make music together!

Göteborgs Fiolskola
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Why the Gothenburg Violin School?

  • No waiting times
  • Real music education
  • Individual lessons designed according to your needs
  • Lessons are given by a trained violinist and experienced violin teacher.
  • Professional experiences
  • Guaranteed quality, customer satisfaction and enjoyment

our philosophy

We believe that every person has music in their heart that should be taken care of and help them develop in the right way. We believe in creativity, we develop talent, we deliver knowledge and above all we share joy! Welcome to take a step closer to a world of music!

‘What is music if it is not something that comes directly from the heart, just like love does’

– Nedjmija

Göteborgs Fiolskola