Lessons and prices

Music lessons are self-investment. Developing a musical ability is a skill that lasts a lifetime, you can never be too old to practice your art.

Whether you’re about to become one of the world’s greatest violinists or you’re doing this for your own enjoyment because it’s fun to play an instrument, you’re clearly developing important life skills along your musical journey such as: developing fine motor skills, increasing IQ, boosting self-esteem and confidence, improving emotional health, cultivating social skills, learning self-discipline, hard work and patience.

Lessons at Violin School of Gothenburg are individual (one-on-one). It is also possible to have group lessons where there is a maximum of 2 participants and is ideal for children who are beginners.

Despite the individual lessons, you get the chance to play chamber music (if there are students at/or close to your level), you get the chance to play in concerts or other performances, and you get the chance to attend some group lessons where you can meet other music students who are on the same path as you.

The vision of the lessons at Göteborgs Fiolskola is that every child/adult who wants to play the violin should have a proper lesson where the length of the lesson is enough to introduce new skills and practice together so that the student can learn something new, every student should feel that the violin is something that gives joy and to look forward to the next lesson, every student should feel that the lessons provide progress, every student should get quality in their education because music education is part of the art.

We offer three different packages: individual lessons – includes lessons once a week, group lessons – max 2 participants per lesson, special training program – includes lessons twice a week.

You can choose what you think suits you best according to your plans.

You can also read more about the school here.

Individual lessons

Group package

Do you have a sibling or a friend and you want to play together? You can choose the group package with a maximum of 2 participants per lesson. Prices in the group package are per participant.


Special training programs include lessons twice a week.


5% discount to students who buy lessons three months in advance

10% discount to students who buy lessons six months in advance

15% discount to students who buy lessons for 12 months in advance